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Sunday, January 3, 2016

A lost treasure found!

Almost 20 years ago I was given a cassette tape of the ASO performing the Mozart concerto for two pianos and orchestra. I had asked for it to evaluate the hall acoustics at Robinson Center from the piano perspective. I listened to it once, made a determination and then promptly lost the thing. I have turned more than one house upside down many times each trying to locate it. Such is the only ASO performance extant (out of dozens) wherein we prepped (in this case) two pianos for both rehearsals and performance - an S&S D and a Baldwin SD10 - voicing, regulation, tuning et al. 

A couple of days ago while roaming about the attic, I looked down and staring straight at me, there it was, on the floor. Needless to say I was elated to hear this once again. The recording was for archival purposes only, and so the repro is not RCA. But was good. Now virtually no bass. The names of the two pianist I do have - again lost somewhere.The late Bill Vickery scheduled them. The duo pianist were called upon when the scheduled pianist for that weekend had to cancel at the last minute. It seems that they were friends of his from former

Listen here